Can I send money abroad using Open Banking?

Yes, TransferLab enables Open Banking payments.

Open Banking is a quick and easy way for you to pay for money transfers. Instead of going to your online banking in a separate window or on a different device, you can log in to a secure page hosted by your bank and authorise a payment to us, without having to manually set up the transfer yourself.

Here’s how to use the Open Banking option with TransferLab:

  • At the payment step, select “Open Banking”.
  • Choose the bank you’re sending money from
  • Click “Continue” to pay

You’ll be directed to your bank’s website, where you’ll need to log in and follow your bank's normal security measures.

Pick which account you’d like to pay from, and click “Approve”. And that’s it - we’ll do the rest

Because the login page is a secure page hosted by your bank, TransferLab doesn’t have any access to the details you use to log in, or anything in your bank account, apart from the payment that you approve.