Does sending large money transfers take longer?

We do security checks when people send money abroad; they satisfy regulations and help keep everyone safe. If you’re sending a larger amount, we often have to do extra checks, which can take longer.

We make this process as fast as possible, but we know sending large transfers can be stressful. Below we outline some things you can do to speed things up and ensure your transfer goes smoothly.

Set up your transfer with time to spare. The speed of your transfer depends on a few factors:

  • when you send it
  • which currencies you’re sending to and from
  • how you pay

We’ll give you a delivery estimate when you set up your transfer. If you have to complete a transfer within a certain timeframe, set it up as soon as possible. If it’s an urgent payment, you can also contact our team and we’ll try to prioritise it.

Have your documents ready

Have your documents ready when you start your transfer. That way, if we ask for them, you can send them straight away and we can check them faster. Get in touch with our team and we'll do our best to prepare you for your transfer.