How does TransferLab's Multiple Recipient feature work?

Once you’ve chosen an amount to send (your total amount for payments to various employees or vendors) and your payment method, you just need to select the Multiple Recipient feature.

When you've selected the Multiple Recipient feature you can start entering your recipients’ details. For each recipient, choose from the options

  • Me (if sending money to one of your own accounts)
  • Business
  • Individual

Once details have been added, these recipients will be securely saved in your account, so that you can simply click on a checkbox beside the name whenever you want to pay this particular recipient.

For each recipient, you’ll be prompted with a form to add all required details for the payment. Once all the fields are completed and the details are saved, you’ll be able to make payments to this recipient.

Once you’ve selected each of the recipients you want to transfer money to you’ll see a list of recipients, with a field for each, where you just need to enter the amount you’d like to send to them. These amounts combined must tally with the total amount of the transfer that you stipulated at the beginning of the process.

Finally, you’ll get a clear breakdown of the transaction with following:

  • Total transaction amount
  • Fees (if any)
  • Conversion rate
  • Amount that your recipients will receive

Here you can review the details and confirm the transfer. After confirming, you’ll have the option to start another transfer or download a statement of the confirmed transfer. You can track the progress of your transfers in your account dashboard.