How much does it cost to use TransferLab?

It’s free to create a TransferLab account.

Small fees apply to certain transfers, depending on the payment method and the amount that you’re sending. See details below:

How we work out the cost of a transfer

How much a transfer costs depends on the amount you’re sending, how you pay and the exchange rate.

The amount you’re sending

The more money you send, the more you save. That’s because TransferLab charges a small percentage on the amount you’re sending, with the percentage decreasing on larger amounts.

How you pay

There are different ways to pay (Debit Card, Bank Transfer or Open Banking). Bank Transfers and Open Banking payment methods are fee-free, whilst a small fee applies to Debit Cards. You’ll see how much each payment method costs when you set up your transfer.

The exchange rate

At TransferLab, we track the real mid-market exchange rate as closely as possible and we have extremely small margins, as we keep our business costs lean. All of this means that we ensure that you get the best value on international money transfers.

Learn more about our exchange rates here.