What if I want to send more than my bank allows?

Your bank may limit the amount you can send in one transfer, or in one day. This can make it hard to send large amounts to TransferLab.

Here are some of the ways to make it easier:

Go to your bank branch in person

You can send larger amounts in one go if you go to your bank in person, rather than doing it online or over the phone. It’s a good option if your bank is easy to get to, and you need to send money fast.

Call your bank to increase the limit

Some banks let you increase your limits for a short amount of time, like 24 hours. Give your bank a call to see if they’ll let you do this. This is a good option if it’s hard for you to get to your bank in person, and you need to send money fast. But not all banks do it.

Set up a transfer for the full amount and pay for it in several smaller amounts over a few days

Keep in mind that if you pay for your transfer over several days, your exchange rate is likely to vary. This is because your rate is usually guaranteed for 24 hours, and we can only keep that rate if we get the full amount within that timeframe.

Please contact our customer support team if you'd like to discuss this further.